Marie Galante

Marie Galante offers a selection of quality aperitifs and spirits that combine tradition and innovation, but at an affordable price. Effective flavour combinations provide an authentic taste.

The Marie Galante range includes classic spirits such as √Člixir de Bruge as well as ready-to-drink cocktails. Connoisseurs will also be delighted with the Porto Amuro and Rhum Agricole, which have been produced using traditional methods. There is literally something for everyone.

An attractive selection in so many respects

All of the products in the Marie Galante range have been selected with the utmost care by our purchasing team. They all have to meet the requirements of the Colruyt Group so that the quality of our spirits and aperitifs is guaranteed at all times.

Furthermore, this selection represents great value for money, making the range accessible to the consumer. The designs of its bottles is refined and recognizable. 

Whatever the occasion, Marie Galante products are a first-class choice.