Coffee is historically anchored at Colruyt Group. For more than 80 years, since 1937, the company has been roasting its own coffee under the brand name Graindor and thus offers customers delicious quality coffee to suit all tastes. Today, Colruyt Group is responsible for 30% of coffee sales on the Belgian retail market. The range of home-roasted coffees includes more than 80 references under the private labels Graindor, Everyday & Boni Selection Bio.

Our coffee roaster blends and packs more than 50 types of coffee from more than 30 types of coffee beans. These come from two coffee plants: the Arabica and the Robusta. Our long-standing tradition and expertise guarantee top-quality coffee.

The quality of the coffee beans is checked by means of internal quality controls before they are roasted. Our master coffee roaster compiles our home-roasted coffees on the basis of about 60 different recipes and ensures that the taste and quality of the coffees remain constant.The aim is to roast a suitable coffee for everyone. Because the best coffee is the coffee that our customers like best.