Colex delivers goods around the world by container and is a part of Colruyt Group. Our main customers are storeholders, wholesalers and supermarkets. However, institutional kitchens, hotels and restaurants can come to us as well.
Register by filling in this form. We will contact you as quickly as possible for a meeting. You will then gain complete access to the website. You can then consult custom items and prices and send reservations or offer requests.
In 3 easy steps, you can request a noncommital offer online. You will receive the offer by e-mail within two working days. This way, you can compare our prices with those of your current supplier.

1. Choose your products

Log in and choose from the product categories in the left column or search for a term in the search field at the top.

a) via the product categories

You will find all product categories in the left column. Click a category and you will receive an overview of the various subcategories. Click them and you will see a list of products and their item numbers, full names and amount of items per box or pallet. Click the product name for more information and a photo.

b) searching using term

Enter one or more terms in the search field at the top divided by a space. A term can be a brand name or a variety, such as 'jam'. You can also enter an item number directly.

2. Add the products of your choice to your selection

Enter how many boxes or pallets you would like. Click the add button. The products you chose are now automatically listed in your selection.
You can view an overview of your selection and adjust the amounts.

3. Send your price request

Are the contents of your container complete, then click 'Overview selection'. Click 'Continue', check the delivery address, fill in the delivery conditions and add any remarks. Then click 'Continue'. You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail.

Click 'Overview selection' for an overview of all chosen products. You can now also see the total weight (in kg) and the volume (in dm3) of your selection.

Note: A 20-foot container has a volume of about 30,000 dm3, a 40-foot container has a volume of about 60,000 dm3, a 40-foot HC container has a volume of 70,000 dm3.

Overwrite the indicated amount with a new amount and click 'Modify'.

Click the bin next to the item.

The sales prices on our site are personalised prices, excluding VAT, packaging levies, excise duties or other taxes upon export outside of Belgium. Ask our sales team for more information on whether or not you have to pay taxes in advance.

Hover your mouse arrow over this symbol and you will see the total sum of the applicable excise duties and/or packaging levies for this product. You can also see if a deposit on bottles or a recycling contribution applies.

In Belgium, alcoholic beverages, sodas and waters are subjected to excise duties. If these goods are packed in disposable packaging, then a packaging levy also applies.

There are 2 ways:

1) First create a selection based on the product range list in the left column. Then click 'Overview selection'. In the overview select the products you wish to put in your personal basic list.

2) Clicking a product will take you to this product's detailed information page. Here, you can select the product to include it in your personal basic list. To remove it, you can click the bin in your list.

Under 'Selection overview' you can see the total price 'ex works' of your goods. The prices on this page are personalised prices.

A thirty-day invoice date if a bank guarantee is provided at first request through documentary credit confirmed by a large European bank or by means of wire transfer.

Colex provides a FCA, FOB or CIF delivery as per your choice. In the latter case, we will provide the export documents, the insurance (door-to-door) and all port formalities upon dispatch. The Bill of Lading will be delivered to you by courier. This way, we can control your deliveries from supplier to port of destination and it guarantees perfect service at very low prices.

Once you are logged in, you will see the minimum best before date of each product on the detailed information page. The offer we will send you also lists the maximum sell-by dates for the products.

Colex has all the required permissions and recognitions from the FAVV. Our HACCP plan includes all control measures to guarantee the quality and food safety of the delivered products.

Tel: + 32 2 360 10 40
Fax: +32 2 360 02 07
E-mail: colex@colex-export.com
VAT: BE0716.663.615

Since1 October 2023, Colex is part of Colruyt Food Retail NV, a subsidiary of Colruyt Group.

Registered office: Colex, Edingensesteenweg 196, 1500 Halle – Belgium – Europe

Distribution centre: Victor Dumonlaan 4A, 2830 Willebroek - Belgium - Europe