Everyday is the most important private label of the Colruyt Group, the country’s leading retail group with 500 shops in Belgium. The Everyday brand was created in 2006 with the aim of creating more simplicity and clarity for consumers.

Accessible basic range

Everyday contains a wide and accessible range of products;
  • A complete range with more than 600 references
  • The products meet the daily needs of every customer
  • In addition to foodstuffs, the range also includes many non-food items

Quality for your daily needs

Everyday has a wide range of daily products with an excellent price-quality ratio.
  • Everyday items must meet set quality requirements. For example, jam must consist of at least 50 % fruit.
  • Colruyt Group's internal quality department strictly supervises compliance with the stipulated quality requirements.

Recognisable packaging

Everyday's packaging is clear and recognisable. This makes it easy for consumers to find all Everyday products on the shelves. All basic products have a bright, fresh look and make shopping a lot easier.

A fixed value

Everyday is appreciated for its simplicity, quality and clarity. The brand has gained a great reputation over the years and is an important fixture in many export markets.

“Thanks to the unambiguous and recognisable packaging, you can easily find Everyday products”