Ketchup 500ml and Classic Mustard

A new packaging for our ketchup ! 

A much (more) practical format

After listening to your feedback and analyzing the market, we realized that we were not meeting all the demand for ketchup. This is why we are very happy to announce that our Everyday ketchup will now also be available in a 500 ml pot in our catalog. This new format will allow all your consumers to enjoy this delicious sauce. Surely, they will enjoy eating it with their fries or other dishes...

A real treat for everyone!

A brand new mustard ! 

 A classic and mild taste to seduce every taste buds
As good news never comes alone, we also have the immense pleasure of announcing you that we have launched a brand new product: the classic mustard. This mustard is the the result of long weeks of work to meet the needs of your consumers. Indeed, many of them were looking for a mustard that was milder, lighter (less spicy) in order to enjoy succulent hot dogs for example. This classic mustard will therefore be perfect to satisfy all your most gourmand customers. In addition, it has the advantage of being less expensive than the Dijon mustard.

As always, our sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have

about this new product.

Don't wait any longer and be the first to offer your customers our new ketchup and mustard!