Cornflakes 375g

A new, more suitable format

As you know, 750g Everyday cornflakes are a very popular product with your customers. The sales figures for this product are the best proof of this. However, we're convinced that these figures could be even better. Indeed, the very large packaging of cornflakes prevented some customers from buying them. That's why, in the hope of reaching more customers, we're delighted to announce that a new 375g cornflakes packaging will now be available!

The same recipe, but smaller

So it's not a new product, but really a new format. This means that the taste will be identical and the nutritional properties will also remain the same! In this way, everyone will be able to enjoy Everyday's delicious cornflakes, the greediest and the most economical!

As always, our sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have

about this new product.

Don't wait any longer and be the first to offer our 

375g cornflakes to your customers!