CULINO MAYONNAISE - top quality from Belgian origin

Culino has the “Made in Belgium” quality label and is the mayonnaise for connoisseurs. Over the years, Belgium has become the absolute specialist in the production of high-quality mayonnaises. Culino was developed especially for the export market and therefore scores very well in foreign taste tests. In Culino mayonnaise, top quality is guaranteed by using the highest quality raw materials. 

There are currently two references. Mayonnaise with egg and mayonnaise with lemon. The creamy texture and creamy taste are due to the use of more than 5% egg yolk of the highest quality. Culino’s egg yolks come from free-range hens in Europe (Belgium-the Netherlands-France). The soft, yellowish colour is the result of a touch of real French mustard.

Culino mayonnaise is filled in glass jars of solid quality with durable labels. This keeps the mayonnaise in the best conditions and guarantees its quality at all times.

The safety seal ensures that the jars reach the consumer unopened, so that they can enjoy the perfect taste of Culino Mayonnaise without any worries!