CARA PILS: AN ICON in the beer landscape

Cara Pils was created more than 40 years ago within Colruyt Group as its own lager brand. In the meantime, it has become the icon of private label lager in Belgium. There are various stories about the origin of the name, but as in the past, it was the creative inspiration of one of the employees.

Beer is part of Belgium’s cultural heritage. Cara Pils complies with all Belgian legislation concerning beer. The blond beer is carefully brewed and only bottled for Colruyt Group. It has an alcohol volume of 4.4%. Our quality department monitors the quality requirements, so that the quality of Cara Pils is guaranteed at all times.

Characteristics of Cara Pils:

  • Blonde beer, slightly sparkling with a strong foam head
  • Neutral aroma with a touch of sweet malt
  • Mild, sweet taste with a subtle bitter aftertaste