The Boni Selection brand has a wide and deep range of quality products to help you enjoy life even more. Boni Selection is made by people for people. The quality of the products is continuously optimised by consumer panels and taste tests organised by Colruyt Group.

Just that little extra

When choosing and developing Boni Selection products, we focus on five important aspects. They must be sustainable and we make our products as healthy and nutritious as possible, without compromising on taste . Moreover, customers who buy our products buy impeccable quality and attractive packaging.

Excellent quality

For Boni Selection, our buyers select products that offer your customer added value. For example, our delicious AA milk is collected from Belgian producers and our frozen fish contains no additives. All Boni Selection products are tasty and of excellent quality.

Catering for all tastes…

Whether you're looking for biscuits, yoghurt, drinks, spices, or ready-made meals, maintenance products or personal care products... Boni Selection has it all. The brand also offers a number of specific sub-lines:

  • Boni Selection 'Bio’ (food) includes a wide range of organic products of excellent quality.
  • Boni Selection Eco (maintenance & care) is a range of eco-friendly maintenance and care products
  • Boni Selection ‘sugar free’ contains a whole range of sugar-free and ‘low-sugar’ products.
  • Boni Selection ‘Gluten-free’ is a line that makes life a lot easier for many consumers thanks to its gluten-free range of basic products, biscuits and ready meals. Where possible, some products in this range have also been made lactose-free.
  • Boni Selection 'Kids’ products are fully adapted to children. They are all delicious products in handy and colourful packaging.

“Boni is making a conscious choice for affordable quality”