Graindor: pure traditie

Colruyt Group has been roasting its own coffee for more than 80 years now, and offers its customers delicious high-quality coffee to everyone's taste. Franz Colruyt started to roast coffee in Halle in 1937. Even in difficult times, we always kept producing coffee. This enabled us to acquire and pass on much expert knowledge.

In 2007, the roasting plant in Halle became too small and moved to a brand-new establishment in Ghislenghien. There, our coffee roasting plant blends and packs more than 50 kinds of coffee with different flavours and in different packages. Our long-standing tradition and expertise guarantee top quality coffee.

Culino mayonnaise

Culino is the mayonnaise for connoisseurs. This mayonnaise was developed especially for the export market and scores very well in tasting tests abroad. We have two references now. Mayonnaise with eggs and mayonnaise with lemon. The mayonnaise with eggs is the best seller.

"Did you know that Colruyt Group is the only Belgian retailer that roasts its own coffee?"