Econom: for institutional kitchens and the catering industry

For a few years now, Econom has been offering institutional kitchens and the catering industry a broad range of basic products at affordable prices. Why is Econom so popular among chefs?

  • Econom makes it easier to cook with a limited food cost. This results in an extra margin in the food budget.

  • Econom offers large packages with more information. They also meet the practical wishes of any chef: comfortable to use, keeping down costs and less packing waste.

  • Chefs are constantly looking for the proper balance between quality and price. Econom offers a broad range of solid and reliable products, from sandwich filling over sauces to non-food products.

  • Whether you are a chef in an institutional kitchen or in a restaurant, Econom offers you the basic products for delicious and nourishing meals every day. Always make sure it’s tasty.

  • Cara Pils: an icon

    The origin of private label Cara Pils within Colruyt Group goes back 40 years. In the meantime, it has developed into the icon of private label beer in Belgium. There are different stories about the origin of the name, but as usual in those days, it was a creative suggestion of one of the employees.

    Beer is after all part of Belgium's cultural heritage. Cara Pils complies with all Belgian legislation concerning beer. It is carefully brewed and tapped especially for Colruyt Group. It is a blond beer of category II. The alcohol content is 4.4%. Our quality department carefully monitors all these requirements.