The brand Boni Selection has an extensive range of products with an excellent price-quality ratio that will make life more enjoyable. Boni Selection is made by people for people. De kwaliteit van de producten wordt continue geoptimaliseerd aan de hand van consumentenpanels en smaaktesten georganiseerd door Colruyt Group.

  • Just that little bit extra

  • In the selection and development of Boni Selection products, there is a special focus on five important aspects. They have to be sustainable, we make our products as healthy and nutritious as possible, without losing any of their taste. Moreover, when your client buys our products, they buy impeccable quality in attractive packaging.

  • Excellent quality

  • For Boni Selection, our buyers carefully select products that offer your client added value. For example, the Boni Selection smoked salmon tastes just that extra bit better because it is artisanally salted and slowly smoked at a low temperature. The products are flavourful and have excellent quality.

  • Something for everyone

  • Whether someone is shopping for biscuits, yoghurt, drinks, or condiments, or looking for ready meals, maintenance, or personal care products, Boni Selection has it all. The brand also offers a number of specific ranges:

  • Boni Selection ‘Bio’ offers a range of 250 organic products of excellent quality.

  • Boni Selection ‘no sugar’ contains a wide range of sugar-free products and ‘low in sugar’ products.

  • TheBoni Selection ‘no Gluten’ line will make life a lot easier for consumers.

  • TheBoni Selection ‘Kids’ products have been completely tailored for children.
  • "Boni is a conscious choice for affordable quality"