Colruyt Group is the largest retailer in Belgium with more than 500 stores. Everyday is the retail group‘s main private label. The Everyday brand was launched in 2006 to create greater simplicity and clarity for consumers.

Accessible basic range

Everyday offers an accessible and appealing range of basic products.

  • The range contains over 600 product references within several product categories.
  • The products satisfy the day-to-day basic needs of every customer.
  • As well as foods, the range includes many non-food articles.
  • Quality, every day

    Everyday products are always keenly priced, without compromising their quality.

  • All the products are carefully selected by our buyers.
  • Everyday articles must meet specified quality requirements. For example, jam must contain at least 50% fruit.
  • The Colruyt Group’s internal quality department maintains these high quality standards at all times.
  • Recognisable packaging

    The Everyday range offers clear and recognisable packaging, making it easy for consumers to find the Everyday products on the shelves. All the basic products have a simple, fresh look which makes shopping a lot easier.

    An established name

    Everyday is valued for its simplicity, quality and clarity. Over the years, the brand has built up a high level of brand awareness and is an established name in many export markets.

    "Thanks to the uniform and recognisable packaging, you can easily find Everyday on the shelves"